Sarah Silverman

b. December 1, 1970


Sarah Silverman was named "Outie" of the Month on December 1, 2005, her 35th birthday, while she was getting rave reviews for her new movie, "Jesus is Magic".

Rolling Stone reports that Silverman is a Very Important Pothead. "It's down to, like, four nights a week," she told RS. "After I perform, I have to have it. I used to like all that stuff, mushrooms, acid. I think I was high from nineteen to twenty-one years old. It was the best time. I remember the first time I tripped, in Washington Square Park [in New York}....We went to a cafˇ and got hot chocolated with all these homeless people who we had made friends with. Finally we got back to my apartment which was painted dark purple to match my bong....God! We were so free."

After a performance at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A., Rolling Stone reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis writes, "Silverman steps into the greenroom and grabs her backpack. She takes out a joint. 'Look what we have here,' she says, and settles on a stool in the corner, contentedly puffing away."


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