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Who says cannabis consumers don't contribute to society? Some of our most beloved authors and artists used marijuana, or at least tried it, and many wrote about it in rapturous verse or have said it inspired their work. From Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers, to the Beat poets and Pop artists, the minds on this list blow ours, even as they blew their own.

Louisa May Alcott

Maya Angelou

Charles Baudelaire

Walter Benjamin

Paul Bowles

Christopher Buckley

Lord Buckley

Lord Byron

Carolyn Cassady

Neal Cassady

Kate Chopin

Lee Child

Jill Ciment

Eugene Delacroix

Simone de Beauvoir

Isak Dinesen

Diane di Prima

Alexandre Dumas

Walker Evans

Margot Fonteyn

Frank Gehry

Allen Ginsberg

Beatrice Hastings

Nina Hamnett

Lillian Hellman

David Hockney

ETA Hoffmann

Victor Hugo

Augustus John

Jack Kerouac

Rudyard Kipling


Marie Laurencin

Jack London

Norman Mailer

Linda McCartney

Armedo Modigliani

Gérard de Nerval

Joyce Carol Oates

George Orwell

Pablo Picasso

Cole Porter

Marcel Proust

Francois Rabelais

Arthur Rimbaud

Diego Rivera

Tom Robbins

Suze Rotolo

Julian Schnabel

David Sedaris

William Shakespeare

Shel Silverstein

Robert Louis Stevenson

Amy Tan

Bayard Taylor

Iris Tree

John Trudell

Mark Twain

John Updike

Nathanael West

Oscar Wilde

William Butler Yeats


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