Tony Curtis
b. June 3, 1925
d. September 29, 2010

The Bronx boy named Bernard Schwartz who became a movie star as Tony Curtis isn't usually thought of as a pothead. But in his 2008 autobiography, Curtis says marijuana was very popular in Hollywood around the time of his 1971 bust for carrying pot through Heathrow airport.

Curtis first won recognition in "The Sweet Smell of Success" (1957), where he plays a swarmy PR hack who tries to smear a jazz guitarist as a pot-smoking commie. He was also notable as a slave/bard in "Spartacus," by VIP Dalton Trumbo.

Curtis was flying to London for an anti-tobacco appearance when he was caught with pot. (Michael Caine and Roger Moore credited him with helping them quit smoking cigarettes in the early 1970s.) Later, he had problems with alcohol and cocaine.

When Curtis died, among his mourners was VIP Arnold Schwarzenegger, fresh from signing a bill to reduce marijuana possession to an infraction in California.

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