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When LeBron James admitted is his autobiography that he’d tried marijuana, he completed the triumvirate of MVPs (football, baseball, and basketball), who told all they’d toked in 2009, the year Olympian Michael Phelps admitted he’d hit the bong too. Sports figures are caught for pot weekly it seems; this list is merely a representative sampling of sativa-loving sports stars.  

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Usain Bolt

Orlando Cepeda

Mario Chalmers

Nick Diaz

Rick Dutrow

Gary Hall

Santonio Holmes

Josh Howard

Phil Jackson

Shawn Kemp

Tim Lincecum

Lance Mackey

Randy Moss

Robert Parish

Michael Phelps

Ross Rebagliati

Robert Smith

Geovany Soto

Rob Van Dam

Ricky Williams


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