Rob Thomas

Born: February 14, 1972

Rob Thomas, the singer/songwriter of the highly successful band Matchbox Twenty, was interviewed on tour in the March 6 Rolling Stone surrounded by his dogs, DVDs, scented candles, and "a blue bong he hits between sentences." Now Thomas tells CelebStoner he's a "huge" pothead and advocate for legalization.

Interestingly, Thomas's first band was called Tabitha's Secret. Perhaps he is aware of Tabitha's Weekend (6 March 1969), the episode of TV's Bewitched in which Tabitha turns herself into a cookie. In it, Endora (the grandmother witch) is offered brownies by Darrin's (straight) mother. "Those wouldn't be from a recipie by Alice B. Toklas, would they?" Endora asks. When told they were not, "Well then, nevermind" is her answer.



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