Justin Timberlake

b. January 31, 1981


Source: Justin Timberlake Revs Up His Sex Machine
Prepping for the release of "FutureSex/LoveSounds," he's ready to get down (and stoned) again
By AUSTIN SCAGGS for Rolling Stone

September 11, 2006

"The day after his show in Paris, we board a private jet to Amsterdam... Anticipating the debauchery that lies ahead of us later in the evening, Timberlake tells me that he was stoned during the Justified sessions but has since quit smoking weed and didn't hit the pipe during the recording of FutureSex/LoveSounds.

"With no shows booked for the next couple of days, Timberlake cuts loose... As the others trickle in, Kedulka and I whip out pre-rolled joints from an Amsterdam coffee shop. 'I can't believe I forgot how much fun this is,' Timberlake says before taking another drag from a joint mixed with exotic White Widow, AK-47 and Kali buds...

"After a fresh joint and a bizarre, stoned dance exercise between Kedulka and Timberlake - where Kedulka unleashes a move and Timberlake either nods approval or ups the ante with a spasm of his own - we're ready to split back to the hotel. In Timberlake's penthouse suite, the three of us reconvene to embark on the six-inch journey to the bottom of a honey-flavored blunt...

"At Encore, JT is road-testing the recently mastered tracks from FS/LS... He makes a point of telling me, in front of various engineers, programmers and friends, that he's off the pipe again (prompting one of them to say, 'C'mon, Justin - you brought sexy back, why don't ya bring the chronic back too?')." Yeah, c'mon Justin.


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