George Washington (February 22, 1732 - December 14, 1799)

George Washington's diary reports that he separated males from females in his hemp garden, "rather too late." Much speculation has ensued about whether or not Washington's reason for sexing his plants was to make a more smokable product. One thing is for sure: hemp was grown in the US colonies as far back as Jamestown, with several colonies ordering their farmers to grow it.

Thomas Paines's pamphlet "Common Sense" lists hemp as the first requirement for revolution, writing that in the colonies "hemp flourishes almost to rankness." Thomas Jefferson also grew hemp on his plantation and went to great lengths to smuggle hemp seeds out of China. Jared Eliot wrote, "I am informed by my worthy friend Benjamin Franklin, Esq., of Philadelphia, that they raise hemp upon their drained lands."

SOURCE: C. Conrad, Hemp: Lifeline to the Future, p. 25.

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