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Women are represented in nearly every category on this site; here are some amazing women who’ve enjoyed marijuana and defy categorization. Among them are adventurerers, authors, strippers, beauty queens, a nun, and the world’s oldest known woman. Read more at The Tokin' Woman blog or in the new book, Tokin' Women: A 4000-Year Herstory.

Goddess Asherah

Goddess Al-Uzza

Mary Aubert

Josephene Baker

Candy Barr

Gertrude Bell

Henrietta Bingham

H.P. Blavatsky

Alyssa Campanella


Jeanne Carmen

Louise Cook

Georgine DiMaria

Heather Donahue

Isabelle Eberhardt

Lindsey Evans

Holly Golightly

Maud Gonne

Nina Hamnett


Paris Hilton

Goddess Ishtar

Kendall Jenner

Mary Livingstone

Goddess Magu

Harriet Martineau

Elsa Maxwell

Sue Mengers

Mary Meyer

Violette Murat

Fulla Nayak

Jennifer Rovero

Queen of Sheba

Karen Silkwood

Annie Sprinkle

Gertrude Stein

Martha Stewart

Princess Ukok


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